Drying Lavender properly

Whether as tea, for scented sachets or simply for decoration - dried lavender calms the nerves and is aesthetically pleasing. This is how you dry lavender.

Oct 15, 2020 08:34 pm
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Dried Lavender

Dried Lavender can be used both as a spice and as a natural wellness and healing agent

Lavender is used as an ornamental plant, for extracting fragrances, as a fine aromatic herb and above all as a medicinal herb. Dried Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is preferred in tea, tinctures and herbal mixture preparation. Drinking lavender tea or consuming it in any other form is relaxing and even promotes concentration. In scented sachets, potpourris and as a bath additive — dried lavender has a calming effect. Whats more, dried lavender petals in wardrobes serve as a moth trap and give the laundry a pleasant and fresh scent for months. Not to forget dried lavender bouquets or single lavender stems in fragrance bouquets look very decorative.

This is how you dry the lavender properly

Lavender must be harvested at the right time if you wish to use it in dried form. The best time to harvest lavender Harvesting lavender, is shortly before the flowers are in full bloom, since at this point they have the strongest aroma. The right time to harvest them is when a few flowers have opened and most of the others are still closed.

Lavender blossoms
If a few small flowers have bloomed and others are still closed, it is time to harvest

The most efficient way of drying Lavender is to cut the stem at approximately 3.93 inches. Make sure that there is no more morning dew or moisture on the flowers, otherwise mold can easily form. They should be ideally harvested in the late morning or midday. That’s when the flowers are usually completely dry. Tie the stems together in tufts with a thread or a loose wire. Rubber bands are ideal because the stems lose water and shrink during drying. Hang the bundles upside down to dry. Place them in a dry location that is covered and is not too warm. Because: Excessive heat and sunlight will bleach the flowers and reduce the fragrance of the essential oils. Drying in the oven is also not recommended. In any case, it is important to have good air circulation wherever the lavenders are kept to dry. Besides the simple hanging on a string, there are also special herbal spirals that are suitable for fixing. Another option are herb dryers with multiple levels and trays on which the stems and flowers are laid out.

Dry lavender headlong
Lavender is best dried tied into bouquets and hung up to dry

After about a week or two - once the flowers crumble between your fingers - the lavender is completely dry. Now you can strip the flowers from the stems and fill them into scented or moth bags and sew them in. In airtight sealed containers they retain their aroma even longer. You can also hang the bundles for decoration or as a bouquet in a vase without water. Whether as a wrapping of a lantern, in a bouquet or as a table decoration, the dried lavender can be staged in many different ways. Dried English Lavender is also ideal for preparing a soothing tea.